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Archaeologists and forensic anthropologists exhumed at least 15 individuals during 2011 excavations at the St. Peter Street Cemetery. All of these individuals had been interred during the eighteenth century. Find out how this excavation happened here...

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During the Summer of 2013, the UNO field school in historical archaeology continued excavations at City Square 130 (16OR180), the block historically bounded by Bienville, N. Liberty/Treme, Conti, and N. Franklin/Crozat Streets.

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In 2012, the UNO Department of Anthropology conducted a field school in urban historical archaeology in a city block that had been part of Storyville, New Orleans' notorious red light district (1898-1917). Students under the direction of Dr. Ryan Gray and Andrea White uncovered rich deposits dating to the Storyville era and to earlier, when the block was part of a rich multi-ethnic and multi-racial community working class community.

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The St. Peter site was the primary burial site for all of New Orleans' Colonial population from 1724 to 1789, whether free or enslaved, or of African, European, or Native descent.

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Information and photos from the first UNO summer field school with Dr. Gray and Juana Ibanez, at the site of the Temple of the Innocent Blood in the Lower Ninth Ward.

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The St. Peter Street Cemetery is the site of one of New Orleans' first formal cemeteries. Founded by 1724 and in use until the 1790s, today it is covered by buildings constructed since the early nineteenth century. Despite this, there are thousands of historic burials still located on site, including people of African, European, and Native American descent.
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Planning for the UNO 2015 Summer Field School is Underway! Dr. Ryan Gray of the Department of Anthropology will once more lead students in an investigation of urban archaeology in  New Orleans.

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